The Story of the Doctor Converting Garbage So Health Insurance Savings

 The Story of the Doctor Converting Garbage So Health Insurance Savings Literally, this one thing is useless. Moreover, the smell and shape, people do not like to go near and immediately throw it away. This thing is called garbage, an object that is always there every day, on the road, in a vehicle, also in one's own house. If asked, everyone, every day, must produce garbage starting from food, drinks, and others. When it is no longer useful, this garbage is usually thrown away or burned in landfills. But, what happens if this object that is not good for health can become a place for public insurance to be able to seek treatment when sick? Is a young doctor who has done it. He transformed useless waste into a useful waste for the community, especially the poor who lack money for medical treatment. Starting from the story of a scavenger he met, a doctor witnessed the story of a family who was short of money to go to the hospital. The story is about a child scavenger who suffers from

Child Education Insurance, Understand Its Benefit

  Child   Education   Insurance ,  Understand   Its   Benefits Education   insurance   is   protection  &  investment   for   children .  Let's   find   out   the   benefits   of   child   education   insurance   here . Every   parent   certainly   wants   to   provide   the   best   education   for   their   children .  But   it   is   not   easy .  Where   the   cost   of   education   tends   to   increase   every   year .  Therefore ,  there   needs   to   be   protection   and   planning .  One   way   is   to   use   the   benefits   of   child   education   insurance . Education   type   insurance   provides   a   sense   of   security   in   the   midst   of   uncertain   financial   turmoil .  If   you   don't   get   a   proper   education ,  your   child   will   find   it   difficult   to   compete   with   industry   and   others Understanding   child   education   insurance Education   insurance   is   a   type   of   insurance   that   provides   protection