The Story of the Doctor Converting Garbage So Health Insurance Savings

 The Story of the Doctor Converting Garbage So Health Insurance Savings

Literally, this one thing is useless. Moreover, the smell and shape, people do not like to go near and immediately throw it away. This thing is called garbage, an object that is always there every day, on the road, in a vehicle, also in one's own house. If asked, everyone, every day, must produce garbage starting from food, drinks, and others. When it is no longer useful, this garbage is usually thrown away or burned in landfills. But, what happens if this object that is not good for health can become a place for public insurance to be able to seek treatment when sick?

Is a young doctor who has done it. He transformed useless waste into a useful waste for the community, especially the poor who lack money for medical treatment.

Starting from the story of a scavenger he met, a doctor witnessed the story of a family who was short of money to go to the hospital. The story is about a child scavenger who suffers from diarrhea. Because his father was a scavenger and could not afford to pay for medical expenses to the doctor, the family finally gave his child a rudimentary treatment. Some time later, the patient was found dead among a pile of garbage boxes. This worrying story is an inspiration for a doctor to care more about people who cannot afford access to treatment.

Finally, the doctor made a solution so that the less fortunate could seek treatment. want to make the community independent by taking their resource, namely waste and empowering it to improve their health. This form of insurance was taken because it wanted to create a Holistic Healthcare Service where the healthy became healthier, prevented the healthy from getting sick, healed and rehabilitated the sick to recover. With the guidance of his lecturer, the doctor and his friends finally established a Garbage Insurance Clinic. The Garbage Insurance Clinic (KAS) is different from other health clinics. KAS in its operations relies on waste collected by its members, which has now reached 500 people. To become a member of KAS, the conditions are quite easy. Each member only has to collect organic or inorganic waste for one month until the waste reaches a value of 10 thousand rupiah. If the waste has reached a value of 10 thousand rupiah, then the member has the right to get Garbage Insurance which is valid only in KAS. Because it takes the form of insurance, each member has to collect trash worth 10 thousand rupiahs every month.

The insurance that each member gets is primary health insurance, including treatment and medication that is carried out at KAS but does not reach the hospital. However, the diseases handled by KAS are not only minor ailments such as coughs and colds, but also high blood pressure, diabetes, mental disorders, infections, and heart disease. Medicines obtained by members are generic drugs, if members want branded drugs, the officer only gives a prescription to be redeemed at a pharmacy in another place.

It does not stop there, the garbage collected from all members will be processed into fertilizer and sold for seven thousand rupiah per kilogram and some of it is sold to collectors. The money from the sale of the waste is used for operational costs of KAS, which are now available in five locations.


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