Individual Travel Insurance Claims

 Individual Travel Insurance Claims

What to do when submitting a claim

Remarks Required

When reporting a claim by phone, fax, letter or email, the following information must be submitted:

1. 1 signed Claim Form

2. 1 copy of flight ticket

3. 1 copy of passport

Claims will be paid to the Insured's identity as stated in the Policy, except for payment of death benefits, will be paid to the heirs.

Required Claim Documents:

Daily Cash Assistance Advance Medical Expenses Claim

1. Medical report from the treating doctor at the hospital

2. Original Receipt of Medical Costs

Claims for Cash Compensation for Death Visits of Death

1. Original Ticket

2. Original Hotel Bill Receipt

3. Medical statement from the treating doctor

4. Police Report (if related to an accident)

5. Assumption of death by court (relating to loss)

6. Visum et repertum

7. Death certificate

Loss of Personal Baggage Claim

1. Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from airlines

2. Proof of replacement from the airline (if the baggage is lost while under the responsibility of the airline)

3. Police report (if baggage is lost in a public place)

4. Original receipt of lost items / other proof of ownership

Lost Document Claims

1. Police report

2. Original cost receipt remakes lost travel documents

Baggage Delay Claims

1. Original official statement from the airline / transportation company, complete with the date, time and period of delay

2. Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from the airline or delay reports

3. Receipt when the baggage is received

4. Emergency purchase receipt

Personal Liability Claim

1. Complete chronology of events

2. A letter of claim from a third party

3. Photo of damage

4. Other documents relating to the incident

Emergency Medical Expense Claims for Third Parties

1. Complete chronology of events

2. The original medical receipt was related to the incident

Credit Card Protection Claims

1. Original Flight Ticket

2. Death certificate

3. Police Report (if related to an accident)

4. Assumption of Death by Court (relating to loss)

5. Visum et repertum

6. Photocopy of invoice showing the date of the transaction and the amount made on the way

7. Receipt and / or proof of payment for the transaction

Personal Accident Claims, Pre-Departure & After-Arrival Benefits

1. Police report

2. Medical report from the treating doctor, including information regarding the level of permanent disability

3. Death certificate

4. Original receipt of medical expenses

Income Loss Claims

1. A sick letter from the treating doctor

2. Sickness certificate from the company, including attendance records

Loss of Money Claims

1. A police report is made within 24 hours of the incident

2. Proof of money withdrawal or other documents that can prove the amount of money lost

3. Report notification of loss to the party issuing a traveler's check

Travel Delay Claims, Additional Hotel Charges, Replacement Travel Surcharges

1. Original ticket

2. Photocopy of the boarding pass

3. An official statement from the airline stating the time, date, length of delay and the reason for the delay

4. Original receipt related to the incident

Trip Cancellation Claims, Travel Delays

1. Original ticket

2. Photocopy of family card (if the claim is related to immediate family)

3. Medical report from the treating doctor

4. Death Certificate

5. Proof of return / refund accepted

Golf Equipment Protection Claims

1. Photo of damage from golf equipment

2. A receipt for repair / repair of damaged or missing golf equipment

3. A letter of confirmation from the professional golf club that there has been a hole-in-one

4. Receipt for purchase of winning drinks (in case of hole-in-one)


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