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Economic revival by infrastructure development should be supported by the insurance sector

  Economic   revival   by   infrastructure   development   should   be   supported   by   the   insurance   sector From   day   to   day   the   Covid   19   virus   began   to   decline   in   Indonesia   in   March   2020 .  The   rapid   development   of   infrastructure   throughout   the   country   is   influenced   by   the   rapid   economic   growth   in   the   megara . In   the   2021   Construction   Market   Outlook ,  the   construction   market   will   begin   to   rise   in   mid - 2021 ,  with   a   total   projected   value   of   IDR   196 . 8   trillion .  The   Indonesian   government   has   also   allocated   IDR414   trillion ,  including   infrastructure   projects ,  especially   for   the   development   of   Special   Economic   Zones  ( KEK )  and   the   tourism   sector . The   road   map   to   post - epidemic   Indonesian   economic   revival   through   the   construction   sector   is   considered   mandatory   with   the   support   of   guarantees

why is life insurance important traveler

 Early self-reflection, do you think travel insurance is important?  Many travelers when traveling on vacation, especially abroad, use travel insurance travel insurance at a cost that is 3 times cheaper. awareness of passengers about the importance of travel insurance when we are traveling Europe, America, Japan, Australia and others. because with this insurance passengers feel in recovery, for example if there is a damaged or lost suitcase or luggage, we can claim to the insurance that travel insurance is mandatory when we can, insurance can be purchased at a bank or travel service or via the internet, the insurance fee depends on the package purchased. for example Diamond, Goal and Silver Packages. The longer the travel time you choose, the more expensive it will be if you have travel insurance. If there are items that are damaged or lost, for example a suitcase if you don't use travel insurance, we can't claim lost luggage or items otherwise if we have travel insurance so we